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Set up your portfolio and monitor the performance of your investments, whenever—and wherever—you want.

Supported by advice either online or over the phone, MD ExO Direct is a new way for MD Management Limited clients to manage their portfolios. This digital service recommends an intelligent, goals based and actively managed portfolio based on your financial situation and needs. Your portfolio automatically rebalances, so you don’t have to worry about your investments.

Opening an MD ExO Direct account is easy and is done entirely online. Simply:

  1. Sign into My MD. If you don’t have a My MD account, you can sign up.
  2. Select MD ExO Direct and then click "Open/view account."
  3. Answer the series of easy-to-understand questions and complete the process.

Visit My MD to open an MD ExO Direct account today.

Choose MD ExO Direct if you want:

A digital investing experience

MD ExO Direct offers simplified investing that is entirely automated and online. Fill out a short questionnaire about your goals and risk tolerance, and you will be given a portfolio recommendation, specific to you.

Access to our MD ExO Direct advisory team

The MD ExO Direct advisory team is here to support you, from sign-up to portfolio allocation to answering any questions that come up. You will have access to a team of MD ExO Direct Advisors from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET. You can give us a call at 1 800-267-2332, send us an email at, or use our live chat feature on the MD ExO Direct online platform.

Interested in a full financial plan? MD is pleased to provide comprehensive financial plans and related services to qualified investors. Please contact the MD ExO Direct advisory team for more information.

Actively managed portfolios

MD ExO Direct portfolio recommendations use the F2 series of units offered by MD Precision Portfolios™ and the MD Money Fund. Specific portfolio recommendations will depend on your investment goals, tolerance for risk and other information about your unique financial situation.

Simple account set-up

You can open your MD ExO Direct account in three simple steps:

  1. Answer a series of easy-to-understand questions about your investing goals and risk tolerance. Based on your answers, you’ll immediately receive a portfolio recommendation that is tailored to your unique financial situation and needs.
  2. Provide banking and, if needed, other financial information as well as your electronic signature to accept the portfolio recommendation.
  3. Fund your account. You can transfer money seamlessly from an existing MD account or from another financial institution. You can also set up a pre-authorized contribution. To set up your account, you will need:
    • your social insurance number (SIN)
    • your spouse’s SIN (where applicable)
    • your child(ren)’s SIN (for Registered Education Savings Plans)
    • a void cheque or direct deposit form
Lower fees

The account fee for MD ExO Direct online investing and account management is tiered, and your fees are automatically reduced as your account balance increases. There are also fees associated with the underlying, low-cost investments. These combined fees are at least 29% lower (before tax) than the comparable Series A investments used outside MD ExO Direct.*

MD ExO Direct fee schedule

Account Balance Fee for Amount in This Tier
Less than $500,000 0.475%
$500,000 to $750,000 0.45%
$750,000 to $2M 0.40%
$2M to $3M 0.35%
$3M to $5M 0.30%
$5M to $10M 0.20% (flat rate)
More than $10M 0.10% (flat rate)

You can open your MD ExO Direct account with any dollar amount. When the cash in your account reaches $500 (net of account fees), your money will be invested in one of the MD Precision Portfolios™, based on the risk level that you’re comfortable with.

MD ExO Direct offers five account options to suit your investment needs:

  • investment accounts
  • tax-free savings accounts
  • registered education savings plans
  • registered retirement savings plans
  • registered retirement income funds

Find out more about your investment account options.

Learn more about our fees

Frequently asked questions

How do I fund my account?

You can fund your MD ExO Direct account in three ways:

  • through a one-time deposit
  • by scheduling a pre-authorized contribution
  • by transferring cash from an existing account with MD or another financial institution

Can I open multiple accounts?

Yes, you can open as many accounts as you would like.

How do you calculate my return?

MD Management Limited displays your return using a money-weighted return process, which takes into account the returns you earn on deposits, as well as the returns on your investments.

How often do you rebalance my portfolio?

Your account will be invested in an MD Precision Portfolio or the MD Money Fund.

MD Precision Portfolios are made up of underlying funds and feature a regularly rebalanced structure that keeps your portfolio’s asset allocation on track and helps you achieve your financial goals.

The MD Money Fund is not made up of underlying funds and, therefore, does not need to be rebalanced.

How is my data kept safe?

Maintaining your confidentiality and protecting your personal information are fundamental to the way we do business with you.

Our privacy policies detail how our financial services and practice management business groups collect, use and disclose your personal information.

Where applicable, privacy statements have been developed to provide you with details about our information-handling practices for the specific products and services that you use.

These policies and statements are available from the MD ExO Direct advisory team and on our website.

The privacy policies and statements are designed to provide a cohesive framework to guide MD Financial Management’s information-handling practices.

Talk to the MD ExO Direct Advisory Team

Interested in learning more about MD ExO Direct? Do you have any questions about your account or your account set-up? The MD ExO Direct advisory team is here to support you. Send an email to any time, or give us a call at 1 800-267-2332 (press 4 when prompted), Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

* MD ExO Direct offers Series F2 MD Precision Portfolios™, which have lower fees compared with Series A MD Precision Portfolios.