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Invest With Impact: MD Fossil Fuel Free Funds™

Unique, Future-Focused, Flexible

Investing in fossil-fuel-free funds is a choice that resonates with Canadian Physicians and their families. You asked us to investigate investment opportunities in renewable energy; now we offer a powerful way to align your investments with your values.

Now you can invest across stock and bond holdings while excluding companies involved in extracting, processing or transporting fossil fuels. Consider building a greener portfolio by including MD Fossil Fuel Free Funds™ among your investments.

Fossil-fuel-free options:

Features and Benefits


Most fossil-fuel-free funds available in Canada only eliminate companies involved in extraction. Developed in response to feedback from CMA members in 2015, MD Fossil Fuel Free Funds™ go a step further by also avoiding companies involved in processing or transporting these fuels.


The MD Fossil Fuel Free Equity Fund™ includes a “positive impact sleeve”—an opportunity to invest in companies that develop or fund positive environmental solutions like renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste reduction and water management.


Your MD Advisor can help you decide what percentage of your portfolio to invest in fossil-fuel-free equities and bonds. Whether to invest in these funds at all is entirely up to you.

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Invest in Your Future and the Environment

Take a more in-depth at look climate change and health concerns, and learn how MD Fossil Fuel Free Funds™ offer an investment opportunity that excludes fossil fuel companies.

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What are the MD Fossil Fuel Free Funds™?

The MD Fossil Fuel Free Funds™ exclude investments in companies involved in extracting, transporting or processing fossil fuels. Also, a portion of the MD Fossil Fuel Free Equity Fund™ seeks to invest in companies that offer meaningful environmental solutions—striking a balance between investing in our environment and maximizing our clients’ returns.

Why invest in the funds?

MD offers flexibility in how you reduce the fossil fuels in your portfolio. Working with your MD Advisor, you can control your risk level by choosing a split between a bond and an equity fund. And you can choose how much of your portfolio you want to be fossil-fuel-free. Furthermore, the MD Fossil Fuel Free Equity Fund™ allows you to make a greater impact through its “positive impact sleeve,” which seeks to invest a portion of the portfolio in sustainable environmental solutions.

Who can invest in the funds?

MD clients—Canada's physicians and their family members—can invest in MD Fossil Fuel Free Funds™. With almost 50 years of physician-focused experience, MD’s main priority is to enhance physicians’ financial outcomes. We do this by focusing on their distinctive needs and operating in their best interests.

Does MD invest in fossil fuels in other funds?

Yes, other MD funds invest in fossil fuels. MD offers an actively managed, diversified investment approach that is built on a foundation of discipline. We believe that prudently diversifying among asset classes and investment styles can help manage risk. Investing in MD Fossil Fuel Free Funds™ is an option for our clients as part of a diversified investment strategy.

Why did MD decide to create fossil-fuel-free funds?

MD recognizes the impact that climate change can have on public health worldwide, and the role that businesses can play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, as a result of a member vote at its 2015 annual meeting, the CMA divested its operating reserves from fossil fuel companies and asked that MD investigate investment opportunities in renewable energy solutions. We have listened to our clients and are excited to provide what our members want: the opportunity to make a meaningful impact and an investment in the environment and the future.

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If you’re concerned by the environmental impact of your investments and want to align your portfolio with your values, talk to your MD Advisor. Together, you can determine whether these funds could be a good fit for your portfolio.

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