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Physicians, there’s more to investing than RRSPs and TFSAs

Your personal goal — be it globe-trotting, your dream home or the perfect retirement — should determine the right investment strategy for you.

Get the right advice
Couple on top of a mountain

Physician households are different from those of other professionals

Achieve your goals, whatever they may be, with physician-focused financial planning advice. Only MD Financial Management focuses solely on physicians and their families. That’s why we are uniquely positioned to anticipate and meet your financial needs.

Beyond finding your ideal RRSP and TFSA contribution strategy, we’ll consider all other opportunities to best achieve your goals. We’ll look at what you invest in, as well as strategies like investing through corporate accounts, opening a spousal RRSP, and more. The options for you will depend on your life, career stage and family circumstances.

We’ll work with you to develop an investment strategy that’s uniquely yours.

Define your goals and invest with purpose

Define your goals

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Take retirement as an example: most have thought about it, but only one in three physicians have created specific retirement goals.1

Get back on track

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One in five physicians have delayed their savings contributions because of COVID-19.1

Don’t leave your goals to chance

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One in three physicians worry about running out of money.1

An MD Advisor* can help you:

  • Make your goals real: Determine the timing and cost of your goals, how much you need to save, when to invest, your risk tolerance, and what types of investments to hold in what accounts.
  • Keep more of your money: Use cost-appropriate solutions that take advantage of your compensation strategy to save on taxes — incorporation, income splitting, balancing RRSPs and TFSAs and more.
  • Keep organized: Invest while keeping an eye on your cash flow, key dates (new tax year, your corporate year, the March 1 RRSP deadline, etc.), contribution limits and tax considerations.

2021 MD Retirement Readiness Study

The state of physician retirement readiness – A 360° view from active practitioners. Here’s what we learned.

Demystifying the Cost of Retirement

Learn more about the costs and strategies involved in retirement planning. Register now.


In the words of our clients

We became MD Management clients in 1979 and have full trust in MD. After losing money on speculative investments early in life, we learned first-hand the value of professional advice. Our Advisors — Greg and Phil — know our family and our needs, ensuring our investments are handled in the most tax—efficient manner possible. We have complete confidence that they are looking out for our well-being. With MD’s guidance and prudent money management, our children completed high level post-secondary education, our favourite charities received funding and we were able to help some personal projects along — and we’re currently on our way to a very comfortable retirement.

Dr. Joanna Hill and Dr. Philip McGarry
Family Physicians (Retired), Ontario

I started working with May when I began my family medicine residency. Now a practising physician, I cannot stress my appreciation for her guidance over the past few years as I transitioned to practice. I liken my relationship with MD as similar to the longitudinal relationships we have with patients in family medicine, from childhood to adulthood. It’s an approach that really shows a commitment to the full career life cycle. During these past few years, I got married, bought a house, and had my first child. May’s advice and counselling during these key milestones has been invaluable, including helping me plan financially to cover my maternity leave. As with patient centred care, May listens to me, has gotten to know my values, and truly involves me in all aspects of my finances.

Dr. Anita Rashidi
Family Doctor, B.C.

From a very young age, my parents instilled the importance of investing. I first began working with an advisor while I was a critical care nursing officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. They were not local and I didn’t really connect with them… I didn't feel important or that they understood my priorities. During my first year of med school, I saw that MD was doing a lot for students and was present at CFMS events. In speaking with them, I discovered that they understand the demands of medicine and have a good approach towards dealing with medical professionals. MD introduced me to my current advisor, Colton, and he is amazing. I am so lucky I got him – he understands where I'm coming from and he's never too busy for me; he just gets it. I'm now in my first year of residency and I really appreciate working with a company that has a vested interest in my profession, one that's adaptable to my schedule and truly understands what it's like to be a physician.

Dr. Stephanie Smith
Family Medicine Resident, Alberta

MD Financial Management provides financial products and services, the MD Family of Funds and investment counselling services through the MD Group of Companies.

* MD Advisor refers to an MD Management Limited Financial Consultant or Investment Advisor (in Quebec).

1 2021 MD Physician Retirement Readiness Study.