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I love to help clients. I love meeting with clients.

Angele Leblanc
Estate and Trust Advisor
MD Private Trust Company

The interaction with them. The relationship I build with them.

Estate planning and wills—it’s such an important document.

So I like leaving the client comfortable with their plans, so that they fully understand what it is that they have, what the will says.

And that they’re comfortable that their affairs are in order.

A little part of my job borders on the therapist side. I’m not a trained therapist by any means, but I think it becomes important when sometimes clients have relationship issues with—you know, sometimes it’s with spouses. Sometimes it’s with children. Sometimes it’s with siblings.

Those conflicts come out in our meetings, and they start talking about them.

The more comfortable they get, the more they share. And it’s something that’s very important to know.

One thing that I think people might not know is that I couldn’t speak any English until I was about 19 years old.

I remember I went to college before my, before I decided to go back to university, and I had to sit in an English class.

And I was sitting in the back and refusing to talk because I couldn’t speak any English.

I think that’s one of the best compliments that a client can give me, or that I’ve received, is at the end of a meeting, when a client just gets up and says: it completely makes sense now. I understand.