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MD Precision PortfoliosTM

Professional management and all-in-one convenience

Stay focused at every stage of your career

MD Precision Portfolios™ give you the power to diversify your investments with one decision. That’s because each portfolio has a unique asset allocation designed to achieve balanced returns for a given level of risk. So, no matter where you are in your career, you always benefit from an all-in-one investment portfolio focused on your most important goals.

Put intelligent diversification and sophisticated rebalancing to work for you

MD Precision Portfolios automatically rebalance and make tactical portfolio adjustments, as needed, to take advantage of market opportunities and to avoid risks. The potential for higher returns increases with the amount of risk in each portfolio. Your investment goals, combined with your time horizon and tolerance for risk, determine which one is best suited to you.

Each MD Precision Portfolio is a combination of underlying funds — carefully selected, combined and monitored to fulfill a range of risk and return characteristics to help you meet your financial goals. Each MD Precision Portfolio acts as a single mutual fund, actively managed by investment professionals — offering you a convenient investment solution.


  • Intelligent diversification by our investment experts results in a wise balance of risk and return.
  • A sophisticated rebalancing structure keeps your portfolio’s asset allocation on track and helps you achieve your financial goals.
  • Active management ensures your asset allocation is monitored daily, tactical decisions are made at least quarterly, and your portfolio risk is well managed.
  • Access to alternative investments complements asset allocation by providing increased diversification.

Investment options

MD Precision Portfolios tactical change

MD Fund Managers are encouraged to make tactical changes from time to time when it is in your best interest. A tactical change allows a manager to temporarily adjust the asset mix in a portfolio beyond its stated objectives.

Read more about the latest tactical change made to MD Precision Portfolios.

Your asset allocation decision

A diversified investment portfolio is one that includes fixed income and equities, a variety of investment manager styles and exposure to different geographic regions and industry sectors. The exact mix of investments — your asset allocation — will depend on your needs and financial goals. Working with an MD Advisor* is the best way to determine your optimal asset allocation.

Offered exclusively through MD ExO® Direct.

MD Precision Index Portfolios™ are a low-cost, index-tracking portfolio solution that offers another choice to help you meet your financial goals.

Unlike most passive investment solutions, MD Precision Index Portfolios use real-time adjustments to meet changing market conditions. Combined with comprehensive support from MD’s specialized advisory team, the new portfolios are a lower-cost solution if you prefer index-tracking investments.1 MD Precision Index Portfolios combine our expertise in portfolio construction and tactical asset allocation with low-cost index-tracking pools and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), to offer you more choice with your investments.


  • Low-cost index-tracking pools and ETFs
  • Real-time adjustments to meet changing market conditions
  • Comprehensive support from MD’s specialized advisory team
  • Intelligent diversification by our investment experts results in a wise balance of risk and return
  • Automatic rebalancing that keeps your portfolio’s asset allocation on track and helps you achieve your financial goals

Investment options

These passively managed funds are an alternative to the actively managed MD Precision Portfolios, which are also available through MD ExO Direct (MD Management Limited). Each one offers diversified investment exposure, automatic rebalancing and lower costs. For more information about MD Precision Index Portfolios, contact your MD Advisor, email the MD ExO Direct advisory team at mdexodirect@md.ca, or call the team at 1 800 267-2332 (press 4 when prompted), Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

Invest with confidence

Put leading asset global managers and all-in-one convenience to work for you with MD Precision Portfolios. An MD Advisor can help you determine the ones best suited to your goals.

* MD Advisor refers to an MD Management Limited Financial Consultant or Investment Advisor (in Quebec), or an MD Private Investment Counsel Portfolio Manager.

1 MD ExO® Direct offers Series F2 MD Precision PortfoliosTM, which have lower fees compared with Series A MD Precision Portfolios.