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MD Private Investment Counsel

Discretionary investment management—worry-free investing

MD Private Investment Counsel

As the size and complexity of your investment portfolio increase, so do the amount of time and expertise required to manage it. Why not delegate the day-to-day responsibilities and decision-making to someone you trust?

MD Private Investment Counsel (MDPIC) provides discretionary investment management and personalized expertise through a dedicated MDPIC Portfolio Manager and MD Advisor. *

At MDPIC, we also want to provide flexibility and convenience, while allowing you to take advantage of compelling market opportunities. This includes access to alternative asset classes, segregated investment portfolios and U.S. dollar accounts to help you manage both your U.S. and Canadian financial assets.

View MDPIM Pools regulatory documents

View MDPIC – Regulatory Information

The benefits when you choose MDPIC

A dedicated portfolio manager

A highly qualified portfolio manager will collaborate with your MD Advisor to make your investments an integral part of your financial plan.

Worry-free investing

With the complexity of your portfolio, why not delegate the decision-making to an MDPIC Portfolio Manager — and free up your time to pursue personal and professional goals.

Alternative investment options

With MDPIC, you’ll have exclusive access to specialized investment solutions and asset classes.

At MDPIC, we have the insight to understand your individual circumstances. And we have the expertise to execute a personalized portfolio strategy, using world-class investment research and risk-management techniques.

Ongoing, personalized service

  • Investment policy statement
  • Custom asset allocation
  • Monitoring your portfolio: we continually measure progress toward your goals.
  • Regular communication

Expert portfolio management

20 asset management firms — 20+ countries — 400+ investment professionals

  • MD oversight
  • Risk management
  • Customized strategies

Dynamic portfolio adjustments

MD Global Tactical Opportunities Pool provides:

  • Flexible adjustments
  • Tactical trading activity
  • A wider investment universe

MD Private Investment Counsel (MDPIC) is the discretionary investment management arm of MD Financial Management. With discretionary investment management, you delegate your MDPIC Portfolio Manager to make investment decisions on your behalf. MDPIC provides a highly structured, personalized approach to managing money for high-net-worth individuals.

The minimum investment is $750,000.

However, you can access MDPIC through MD Apertura™ starting at $200,000.* MD Apertura, MD’s virtual service channel, is a web-based video conference tool that provides convenient access to MD advisory services and enables clients to have meetings with their Portfolio Manager in collaboration with their MD Advisor.

*The minimum requirement to establish a discretionary relationship is $200,000 household investable assets placed with MDPIC. Clients are eligible to transition to in-person servicing once they reach the $750,000 account minimum requirement.

Your MDPIC Portfolio Manager will work with you to design a portfolio that suits your personal investment objectives and risk tolerance level. Each of the investment pools in your account is managed by leading asset managers from around the world, with the goal of increasing returns relative to the market, while reducing overall risk.

MDPIC shows your personal rate of return (also known as money-weighted rate of return). This performance calculation is a representation of how your investment has actually performed, rather than the return on the investment itself. Any deposits or withdrawals you made during the period are included in the calculation.

Your MDPIC account(s) is monitored regularly to ensure it remains in line with your personal investment strategy. Should your account drift from its investment strategy due to market fluctuations or account transactions, it will be automatically rebalanced to your original asset allocation.

Through the MDPIM Global Tactical Opportunities (GTO) Pool, MD Financial Management makes ongoing adjustments to your portfolios based on anticipated changes in the market. At no additional charge to you, the GTO Pool adjusts your portfolios to take advantage of market opportunities, in anticipation of market risks, or both. We believe the tactical portfolio adjustments made through GTO Pool may help to improve your investment performance.

You are charged a percentage of assets under management based on your MDPIC portfolio balance. Fees on funds held in non-registered accounts are eligible for a tax deduction.

Talk to an MD Advisor

If you would like more information about an MDPIC, please contact your MD Advisor or call 1 800 267-2332.