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Net worth (assets – liabilities) is a key measure of your overall financial health. Sign in to save your results and track your net worth over time.

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Assets are things you own that have monetary value. This category includes liquid assets (cash and equivalents), investments, pensions and personal property (real estate, vehicles, valuable objects like art and jewelry).

Don’t list assets you use but don’t own, such as a leased vehicle or rented home.

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Liabilities are debts you owe, including lines of credit, credit cards, student loans and mortgages.

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* Your result is the value of what you own minus the value of what you owe. This calculator rounds to the nearest dollar. All dollar figures are in Canadian funds, and this calculator does not have functionality to account for foreign exchange.

If logged in, all MD Investment Assets for which you have trading authority over are included in the final Net Worth calculation.

The results you receive from this calculator are for information purposes only. The figures are not guaranteed, as they are based on assumptions that are certain to change.

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