How to Invest With MD

Physician-focused investing and financial advice, delivered your way.

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How to Invest With MD

At MD Financial Management, we know that everyone’s circumstances are different. We feel it is important to provide a range of financial service options, while maintaining the standard of excellent advice and service you’ve come to expect from MD.

Our new, enhanced and evolved investing services are designed to let you manage your finances your way.

At MD, our priority is the financial well-being of Canadian physicians and their families, so our services are priced below industry averages. We also deliver industry-leading value by providing asset managers from among the world’s best, at some of the lowest fees in Canada.1

Self Managed

For those who want to do their own stock investing, without advice:

Online trading platform provided by Canada's top-ranked online broker, Qtrade

MD Direct Trade™ is our new investment and trading platform, provided by Canada's top-ranked online broker, Qtrade.2

  • Find everything you need to buy and sell equities.
  • Access comprehensive market research, live market analysis, recommendations from third-party analysts, investment reviews and more.
  • Enjoy the lower trading costs that come with doing things yourself.

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For those who want automated and low-cost digital advice with access to a team of Advisors:

Low-cost, digital investing and advice—made simple

MD ExO® Direct is our simplified, goal-driven digital investment service.

Fill out a questionnaire about your goals and risk tolerance, and you’ll get a portfolio recommendation tailored to you.

  • Manage your portfolio when and where you want, and watch your investments grow.
  • Get access to investment portfolios that are regularly rebalanced and actively managed by leading money managers, at reduced fees.
  • Receive advice and answers to your questions from the MD ExO advisory team via phone, email or live chat.

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Advisor Managed

For those who wish to work directly with an MD Advisor:

Comprehensive advice across the full wealth management spectrum

MD Plus™, our new account type, offers face-to-face advice from Advisors dedicated to you and your family and is focused exclusively on helping physicians.

  • Enjoy more investment options and potential tax benefits.
  • Save money on fees through tiered pricing and/or by consolidating accounts in your household—you can take advantage of lower fees the more you invest.

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For those who wish to work directly with an advisor

Discretionary wealth management

MD Private Investment Counsel (MDPIC) continues to offer discretionary investment management for those with more complex needs.

  • Benefit from a portfolio managed by an experienced MDPIC Portfolio Manager dedicated to your needs.
  • Enjoy spending less time managing your money and more time pursuing your personal and professional goals.
  • Access investment expertise from leading asset managers from around the world, offering you strong investment strategies at some of the lowest fees in Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At MD Financial Management, we know everyone’s situation is different. It’s important that we provide financial service solutions that allow you to choose the wealth management experience that makes sense for you.

As a result, we now offer several different lower-cost investing platforms that depend on the level of advice and the type of service you want:

It isn’t necessary to meet face-to-face to change your account for all our new services; however, meetings can uncover opportunities for saving money, e.g., by pooling your account with other family members (in the case of our new fee-based account, MD Plus™).

For our new investment and trading platform, MD Direct Trade™, you can go online and follow the steps to set up an account. Then, complete the online transfer form. If you need assistance in transferring, you can also call an MD Advisor.

MD ExO® Direct is our new fully online and automated investment service. You can open an MD ExO Direct account online. The MD ExO Direct advisory team is here to support you, from sign-up to portfolio allocation to answering any ongoing questions that may come up. You will have access to the MD ExO advisory team from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET. You can give us a call at 1 800 267-2332, send us an email at or use our live chat feature on the MD ExO Direct online platform.

Not necessarily. MD ExO® Direct and MD Direct Trade™ are lower-cost ways of investing, partly because we have partnered with leading firms in this space instead of creating the technology on our own (which could lead to higher costs). On the advice-led side, fees for MD Plus™ accounts and MD Private Investment Counsel may be lower than what you’re currently paying.

In fact, our fund fees are significantly lower than the industry average.1 MD’s Series F mutual fund fees are 56% lower than the industry average and MD Precision Portfolio™ fees are 39% lower.

That said, we know everyone’s situation is different, and it’s critical that we meet the varying needs of our clients. That is why it is important that we provide financial service solutions that allow you to choose the wealth management experience that makes sense for you based on what you value and your unique circumstances.

All physicians have access to one free financial plan during an initial planning meeting with an MD Advisor. Depending on the type of account you have, you have the option for ongoing financial planning for an additional fee.

If 100% of your assets are in MD Direct Trade™, you may no longer have access to financial planning with an MD Advisor. One reason why MD Direct Trade is able to charge lower fees is because the advice component (and the costs associated with it) has been removed from this service. However, if you would like financial planning, you can pay an additional fee for that service.

Trading and investing via an MD Direct Trade™ account will be a much better experience, and trades will be less expensive than what you currently pay. MD Direct Trade is provided by Qtrade, which is Canada’s top-rated online discount broker. Your MD Advisor can help you open an account so you can trade online.

Talk to an MD Advisor

If you would like more information about these services, please contact your MD Advisor or call 1 800 267-2332.