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Investing fees

Get a full, clear picture of all the fees you pay at MD

Maintaining fee value and providing complete transparency to you is a major commitment for MD Financial Management. Part of this commitment involves providing products and services with fees that are competitive and easy to understand.

So that you can select the right level of services that fit your needs, we’ve designed the MD Financial Suite to provide multiple ways for you to work with MD. It’s important to us that you are comfortable with the fees you pay and that you understand the financial planning services they enable.

Sacrificing quality to offer rock-bottom costs is not our goal. Instead we strive to deliver maximum value to you. That said, we are proud that our management expense ratios (MERs) are, on average, 49% (Series F), 29% (Series A) and 11% (Series D) lower than industry averages.1

How our fees are disclosed

Your MD statements show the account fees and taxes paid for the reporting period.

Financial institutions are now required to provide more detail than in the past to investors on the fees and compensation we collect and on investment performance. You may have heard about this regulatory requirement, called CRM2 (Client Relationship Model Phase 2). At MD Financial Management, we provide you with information about all the fees you pay2 — not because we have to, but because we believe it’s the right thing to do.

In compliance with the disclosure requirements, MD Management Limited and MD Private Investment Counsel (MDPIC) have developed two reports — one on fees and one on performance. You receive these reports annually, a couple of weeks after receiving your year-end statement(s):

  • Your Fees and Compensation Report explains the fees you paid in the past year for the investments in your account.
  • Your Investment Performance Report explains how your account is doing and helps measure your progress toward your goals.

MD ExO® Direct (MD Management Limited) annual fees

Account balance< $500,000$500,000–$750,000$750,000–$2 million$2 million–$3 million$3 million–$5 million$5 million–$10 million$10 million+
Fee for each account balance range0.475% (tiered)0.45% (tiered)0.40% (tiered)0.35% (tiered)0.30% (tiered)0.20% (flat rate)0.10% (flat rate)

For example, Dr. Jones’s account totals $925,000, so the fee would be $4,200, calculated as follows:

  • On the first $500,000, the fee is 0.475%, which equals $2,375.
  • On the next $250,000, the fee is 0.45%, which equals $1,125.
  • On the next $175,000, the fee is 0.40%, which equals $700.

The MD ExO® Direct fee schedule is tiered at the lower ranges, which means reduced fees for increasingly higher account balance amounts. Different rates are charged on each range within the same account.

Accounts with balances of more than $5 million are charged a flat rate fee, which means that the percentage shown in the relevant row above is applied to the entire account balance (from $0).

For more information about MD Plus (MD Management Limited) and MD Private Investment Counsel (MDPIC) account details, please contact your MD Advisor* or MDPIC Portfolio Manager.

See the full Schedule of Fees and Commission, MD Accounts.

See the full Schedule of Fees and Commission, MD Plus™ Accounts.