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Welcome to MD MedEd CounselTM

One of our MD Advisors can help you:

  • arrange a Medical Student and Resident Line of Credit to pay for your medical training
  • map out a realistic budget to prevent over-borrowing
  • review your borrowing plan regularly to ensure your funding lasts until you start practising
  • design a plan for paying off your debt

At MD, our only mandate is the financial well-being of Canada’s physicians, medical students and residents. When you join MD, you benefit from our objective, specialized advice, which is always in your best interests.

Plus, MD is dedicated to supporting students and residents on campus and in the workplace. Our Early Career Specialists offer on-campus financial educational seminars and sponsor community events hosted by medical students and residents.

To schedule a meeting with an MD Advisor, please contact an MD MedEd Counsel team member near you. You can also get in touch with an Early Career Specialist regarding a sponsorship opportunity or event at your medical school.

MD MedEd CounselTM services are provided by MD Management Limited.

To find an Advisor or Early Career Specialist near you, visit onboardMD, our portal for pre-meds, med students and residents.

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